“Whose schools? Our schools!’: Trans activists occupy another state capitol

Activists for so-called trans rights have invaded another state capitol to protest legislative efforts to protect children and public spaces from the trans agenda.

On Friday, hundreds of left-wing activists stormed the Florida Capitol Building in Tallahassee, outraged that state lawmakers had dared to contemplate it Law on security in private space, which would prevent people who do not match their biological sex from using toilets and other “locker rooms” such as changing rooms. Under this law, anyone in Florida who has been asked to but refuses to exit a bathroom or locker room belonging to the opposite sex could be charged with a misdemeanor. Those found guilty could serve up to 60 days in jail or pay a $500 fine. The hill reported.

“Parents have the right to raise their children in the way they see fit and government intervention should be the last resort,” said Senator Clay Yarborough (R), one of the bill’s backers. “As legislators, we have a responsibility to protect children from seeing indecent behavior that appears to go against established standards in our communities.”

The bill passed the Senate state committee along party lines and will soon be put to the full Senate vote, in which Republicans hold a sizeable 28-12 majority.

Instead of accepting that like back then-President Barack Obama “Elections have consequences,” once said, the mostly young-looking trans activists occupied the Florida Capitol to express their outrage. Florida’s Voice, a news outlet that purports to “bring honest political reporting to Florida minus the mainstream talking points,” shared a minute-long video of the protesters in action.

In the first half of the video, protesters boo loudly after receiving news that the measure has been approved by the committee. Then a person wearing a colorful shirt, who appears to be male, yells, “This fight, this fight doesn’t end here!

“We show up every day,” he continues, walking around in circles and pointing his left hand emphatically. “We’ll continue to make ourselves heard.”

He then leads the crowd in a stirring chant of “Whose Schools? Our schools!”, although the measure would affect more than just schools.

The trans demonstration in Tallahassee mirrored demonstrations that took place across the country earlier this week. On Wednesday, trans activists overtook the Kentucky Capitol in Frankfurt to protest similar bathroom legislation there and 19 people were arrested and charged with criminal trespassing. Then on Thursday morning, activists stormed the Tennessee Capitol to demand more gun restrictions after a woman who identified as transgender shot and killed three children and three adults at a Nashville Christian school. No one was arrested at the Nashville Capitol protests, although some activists broke through the bleachers where lawmakers were assembled.

These demonstrations at various state capitols have since been dubbed “resurrections‘ on social media platforms.

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https://www.theblaze.com/news/whose-schools-our-schools-trans-activists-occupy-yet-another-state-capitol “Whose schools? Our schools!’: Trans activists occupy another state capitol

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