Why can’t you gain muscle? Top 5 bits of advice for adult men

Building muscle is a difficult task to achieve, but it becomes much more so when you are an adult male. When your testosterone levels have declined due to aging and other natural factors, it becomes harder for the body to stay in the anabolic state long enough. It is important during this time or phase that you are patient and educate yourself on nutrition and training.

Anabolism in adult

Anabolism is a term that refers to the biological process of building proteins in the body, and this protein can be used to synthesize new muscle tissue. This process is initiated by the release of hormones, such as testosterone. When a person takes steroids, they are mimicking the same mechanisms since they increase levels in the body. However, steroids rarely bring about significant results in adults unless you are very young and your body hasn’t suffered from old age yet.

When adults are not in the anabolic state, they struggle to gain muscle; their workouts become inefficient and their results less than desired. In adults, it is important to be aware of your hormones and how they affect your weight gain.

The main hormone for Anabolism

Two major hormones that are directly responsible for anabolism are testosterone and growth hormone.

1. Testosterone

Testosterone is a hormone produced by the male testes. It is synthesized in the Leydig cells of the testicle and is responsible for affecting masculine characteristics and the reproductive system. It’s responsible for impacting weight gain in adults by increasing muscle mass, improving strength, and enhancing lean body mass.

Testosterone levels are proven to decrease after 30 years of age, which only adds to the difficulty for adult men when trying to build muscle. It is during this time that you must adjust your workout routine and nutrition in order to stay in an anabolic state.

2. HGH

Growth hormone is a hormone that is produced in the anterior pituitary. It is responsible for affecting body growth and development, as well as the healing properties of muscles. This is another necessary hormone to keep anabolic while attempting to build muscle in adult men. Although its production naturally decreases with age resulting in hormonal imbalance(which affects your bodybuilding), it can be enhanced through certain supplements and practices such as sleep, stress reduction, and exercise. HRT for men is the main treatment for hormonal imbalance.

Advice on how to gain muscle mass

Since your body is now older and less responsive to new stimuli, it is important to be aware of what works and what does not. If you are training hard, but don’t see the results that you’d like, a change in your daily habits may be needed. For example, a lack of sleep can prohibit the creation of new muscle fibers; if you workout out at night and go to bed too late, it is unlikely that you will wake up with any results.

1. Discipline

Discipline is the key to success. If you are not willing to work hard and make some serious changes to your lifestyle, you will see little success in your bodybuilding efforts. It’s important to set goals with deadlines and be determined to see them through.

You need to stick to your diet and workout routine consistently and not let yourself go on days when you are tired. If you have a bad day, you can pick it up again tomorrow.

2. Balance Diet

An adequate diet is one of the key factors for gaining muscle mass. The appropriate intake of energy and nutrients is important to both prevent fatigue and increase the body’s vitality. Proper nutrition helps you to gain muscle mass because it is easier to break down the protein in your body if you are consistently eating.

Make sure that you are eating protein rich foods, healthy fats, vegetables, and complex carbohydrates. It is vital to ensure that you are consuming enough calories in order to gain weight, but it’s also important to bear in mind that some of the reasons why you are not gaining muscle mass may be due to your hormones. It is advised that you start by getting a blood test done; if it reveals low levels of testosterone and growth hormone, HRT for men may be in order!

3. Trainer

Finding the right trainer can be very beneficial in helping you to achieve your goals. A trainer will help you identify your problem areas, teach you how to gain muscle mass, and also point out any workout mistakes that may be holding you back.

You need to be consistent with your workout regimen, otherwise it is likely that your gains will be minimal. Make sure you are training the right way – you should be focusing on how to build muscle mass and not just going through the motions. A good trainer will be able to help you with all of these things that may be inhibiting your weight gain. It is important to find one that you are comfortable with, so you will listen to them and make changes.

4. Nutrition

Nutrition is an important aspect of bodybuilding, especially in adults. If you are eating the wrong foods, it can be difficult to gain muscle mass and the result will be a lower calorie intake, which means less muscle growth.

Making sure that you are eating enough calories for your weight is one of the most important aspects of gaining muscle mass. The amount of calories is different for each person, but it’s best to be eating 2-3 times the amount than you currently are now.

You need to ensure you are eating a balance of all the necessary nutrients, including protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats. For example, if you’re trying to gain weight, it is important that you eat 500-600 calories more a day than what you are currently eating.

5. Activity

When you are in a caloric surplus, you need to exercise more. This is the only way to get your body to start using fat instead of muscle and burn it, therefore helping you achieve your goal weight.

It has been found that the amount of time you spend being active isn’t as important as how much time you spend training. Even if you are not training, being active can help break down fat and make it easier for your body to absorb nutrients from food; it’s also critically important for maintaining muscle mass.


The process of gaining muscle mass in adult men is not as simple as it was when you were younger. With time, your body becomes less responsive to new stimuli, making it harder to build and maintain muscle. Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to help yourself reach your goals; the most important things to remember are the changes in your daily habits. It’s not only what you do at the gym that matters but also how you live every day.

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