Why did ‘FBI’ crossover send Nina to Italy? — TV questions

We have questions and you (maybe) have answers! As another week of television has passed, we’re asking questions left and right about many shows, including Superman & Lois, The Mandalorian, The challenge: World Championship and the FBI Crossover Event!

1 | Blue blood Fans, do you agree with Frank’s decision to keep the police officer who was discovered to have an OnlyFans-like account?

2 | Did you laugh? rabbit hole The father/son scene eventually pulled out to reveal that Hailey had been sitting there the entire time they were debating her trustworthiness?

3 | So convincing successor showdown between Logan and his kids in the karaoke room, weren’t you kinda hoping they’d stay long enough to sing a tune to everyone? (For example what is Shiv’s favorite song do you think?)

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4 | WWE fans how disappointing it was for Roman Reigns to defeat Cody Rhodes WrestleMania with interference from Solo Sikoa? And what was your favorite game of the weekend?

5 | Does that annoy you? The good doctor does the potential revelation that Glassman’s cancer has returned drag on? And what do we think of Jared and Jordan as potential items? Are you in or just feeling bad for Danny?

6 | CBS morningwas CBS morning‘Chyron typist maybe recovering from another manic Monday with that misplaced apostrophe?

7 | Earlier this week Superman & Loisdid you think you accidentally turned it on? fire land? And was Clark himself the worst moment on the show facing Candice’s father?

blank8th | 🅐 Didn’t it work out well that all FBI Crossover’s crime scenes and sidewalk talks in Italy had important Rome landmarks in the background? 🅑 Why was Nina, who now engages in white-collar crime – and not, say, Maggie or Tiffany – sent to Italy with Jubal? (Other than drumming up drama for Scola?) 🅒 What was the bigger “Oh s–t!” moment when it turned out the terrorists’ target was POTUS, or when it turned out to be JFK Airport? 🅓 Speaking of which, if you were the CEO of the airport, you would have agreed with Remy’s assessment – although it turns out – that JFK should do it not be evacuated as soon as possible? 🅔 And did this scene make you think the Feds would storm Kristen’s house? diabolical?

8th | American carAt American carwas Sadie’s floral hack for her ripped dress actually kinda pretty?

10 | was Teddy Lasso to think that a PR manager could change an app’s tagline? After Wednesday’s episode, would you accept the idea of ​​Nate redeeming himself by the end of the season? Or has too much damage already been done? Did you notice that Bones and Honey, the exclusive club where Nate meets Rupert for a drink, is the same club that Beard, Baz, Jeremy and Paul snuck into in season 2’s “Beard After Hours”? And finally, a very important question inspired by this week’s episode: which movie is the better, No strings attached or friends with benefits?

11 | Mandalorian ObsidianAny other Mandalorian Fans curious about the history of Obsidian R2? (Is it true that the only holograms he projects are BDSM videos?) And now, will any characters, even loners, address Grogu as “Sir/Ser Grogu”?

12 | Did this week The Lightning raises too many questions about how STAR Labs – a state-of-the-art research facility very famously the origin of at at least a disaster in Central City—was apparently uninvestigated anything in nine years And did it really take Barry and Iris that long to figure out who the time thief was when the woman’s inability to identify a “breaker box” kicked off immediately our alarm bells?

13 | As atypical as it felt The Conners‘ Darlene trying to seduce Ben by dancing around the living room, we can agree it was one of the funniest scenes in the roseanne The five-year history of the spinoff?

14 | Chicago fire Fans, did you think Carver and Violet would kiss during this ladder scene?

15 | Does survivor‘s Jaime seems a little overconfident? And why didn’t anyone believe Carolyn when she spilled the tea over Josh’s fake idol?

16 | was Farmer is looking for a wife‘s Allen was coached by the producers not to tell anyone that Cassidy Jo asked Him for the kiss that knocked the other girls out of shape? And that it was only one peck?

17 | Is The challenge: World Championship low key the best season the franchise has had in years? And wasn’t it refreshing to see someone (survivor winner Sarah Lacina) Finally Defy Bananas instead of standing in line and taking his orders?

BEEF Remy Holt18 | Is BEEF‘s Remy Holt maybe one of the cutest child actors of all time? What do you think of Amy’s half smile at the end of the premiere? And does this show have one of the best (and nostalgic) soundtracks?

19 | Since Rise of the Pink Ladies supposedly follows Fat Canon, what do we think Jackie Hoffman’s Deputy Principal McGee does over the next few years that gets her fired and replaced by the office duo from the film?

Matt Czuchry Good Wife20 | Following the inhabitant‘s cancellation, which do you like better: the report that Matt Czuchry joins American Horror Story or the idea of ​​him repeating his good wife Role as Cary Agos in the spin-off Elsbeth?

21 | Good trouble Fans, did you groan at the phrase “Evan has amnesia”?

22 | sex education Fans, is it safe to say that you’ll be seeing the Barbie movie this summer?

barbie movie23 | Could train station 19‘s Bailey, Ben and Carina demonstrated fewer to understand what it meant to work undercover in the fake medical clinic? And – sorry, Andy – who called Travis and Eli the minute they met?

SVU Michelle Gomez24 | Does a flat American accent just sound/look wrong coming from Scots? CSR Guest star Michelle Gomez?

25 | How on earth Grey’s anatomyIn next week’s scenes, Maggie asks Winston to move to Chicago with her after what looked like a game-ending blowout? And does anyone not scream “Neeeee!” when Simone asked almost-boyfriend Lucas to be her “man of honor”? Has she NO Acquaintances outside the hospital?

More stable dancing organized crime26 | Do you wish that? Law & Order: Organized Crime Did we have (much) more undercover stallers dancing in the gay bar?

Click on the comments with your answers — and any other questions you want to share!

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