Why do people hate Target’s latest remodel?

Thousands of Target brick-and-mortar stores have officially changed their design, and customers aren’t impressed.

One unimpressed customer is Leslie Gail, a professional organizer and TikToker, who recently went viral for speaking about the store’s transformation. Her TikTok received more than 720,000 views and 2,300 comments. You can find the video here.

The modification

Target — ranked second-best supermarket in 2022 by Newsweek — announced the revamped floorplans in 2017, but recently announced the finishing touches of 1,000 remodels in June this year, with an additional 200 full remodels planned through 2022.

According to the company’s website, the redesign aims to offer customers an “elevated” personal shopping experience. Partial conversions will also focus on same-day services such as order pickup and drive-up.

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Commentators shared their take on Target’s latest renovation, with many saying their shopping experience has suffered.
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Special lighting, ‘Welcome’ and ‘Representative’ signage were introduced as part of the complete makeover.

Another big aspect of the entire store’s renovation includes “shop-in-shop” experiences like Ulta Beauty and Apple “Stores” inside.

But while all the plans aimed to make the shopping experience easier and more inviting, many customers are complaining about the changes.

Revamp Objective

“Has your target already gone through the conversion? Mine was under construction.”

Gail said to the camera as she sat in her car. “I’m very excited to see how the Target overhaul will make us spend more money there because obviously that’s why they’re doing it.”

As Gail explained, the retail experience feels more like a “mini mall” with various small shops you can hop in and out of, rather than a large building with aisles and displays.

“There are small shops within the store and they have different personalities,” she said. “They also leaned heavily on an intentional design for same-day curbside pickups.”

She added that the “publicly available information” shows consumers are spending two to four percent more at Target with the makeover.

Like Gail said news weekShe first noticed the remodel about six months ago when her local store started construction.

“I shop there once a week and had created some popular ‘Impulse Shopping’ TikToks at the store to help people avoid buying items that later end up as a mess,” she said. “As the remodel went on, I noticed things were getting harder to find, and the shelves no longer held my contents because they didn’t have the same simple grid pattern.”

In another TikTok, Gail said that many people expressed “hatred” for the makeover in the comments on her original post.

“One of the comments that I found really interesting was the people who said it felt like they were on stage,” Gail said. “That’s one of the reasons I stopped filming there because before I could walk up and down the aisle and now I can’t because there’s an openness to it.”

She asked what about the redesign will make customers want to spend more, asking if it’s the loyalty of the curbside pickup or the design, which is more department store-like.

What she dislikes, she said, is that the “department store” layout isn’t for her and that the store feels overstimulating with loud music.

I used to know where everything was, so shopping was easier,” she said. “About 95% of the comments are people saying they hate it. The open layout makes many feel more exposed when shopping. Others talked about the empty shelves or missing brands that they used to like… Some liked that Ulta Beauty was there, but many others commented that the open layout is too confusing.”

consumer reactions

More than 2,300 users commented on TikTok, many expressed their disdain for the makeover and some even said it completely ruined their shopping experience.

“Target’s magic is gone,” commented one user.

“It made me less likely to shop there,” wrote another.

“Missing the 90’s goal with the neon flourishes on the walls,” commented another.

“I’ve noticed and complained for a while that shopping at target now feels stressful,” commented another user. “Hard to find what I need, looks disorganized…”

“It’s so interesting because I’m sure they put money into the research but everyone I know hates it and actually spends less time in the store now,” commented another.

Other dissatisfied customers took to Twitter to share their thoughts, and many wondered why the deals needed to be changed in the first place.

“I really have no idea what their goal is with this remodel as the house was fine before,” said the user @j_killasmooth tweeted. “They add modern hardware to a house that was built in the 50’s like Get Real…”

“The biggest lie the devil ever told was that Target needed a makeover,” according to the user @difficultPatty tweeted.

“I need my local Target to stop turning itself into a ’boutique experience’ because nobody asked for it.” @SayAnythingH tweeted. “I want a cleaner Walmart and that’s it. If I want a boutique, I go to a boutique.”

news week reached out to Target for comment.

https://www.newsweek.com/why-people-hate-targets-newest-remodel-1753342 Why do people hate Target’s latest remodel?

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