Why was Renee axed from Love Is Blind Season 5?

Spoiler warning: This article contains spoilers for the fifth season of Love is blind.

Season 5 of Netflix Love is blind didn’t go quite as planned. For the first time ever, two actors who were once together recognized each other in the pods. Then only two couples made it to the altar. At least that’s what we thought. Now we learn that another couple got engaged and Netflix filmed their experience only to cut it from the series. Why!?

Be warned! While there may be some spoilers, this article is mostly about a couple’s engagement that never aired.

Fans spotted an engagement ring on Renee’s finger

After internet detectives found out Several other cast members got engaged in Season 5Her fans demanded an explanation. You may remember seeing veterinarian Renee Poche and construction worker Carter Wall in the pods, but have you seen them in the background of some shots of the couples in Mexico? Did you see Renee trying on a dress in a white dress or catch a glimpse of her engagement ring?

Internet detectives don’t miss anything! After it became clear that Renee and Carter were filmed all the way to the altar, fans wanted to know why their story didn’t make it onto the show. Especially since only two other couples made it this far, one might assume that Netflix had a good reason why it decided to cut their scenes. But no!

Renee has publicly confirmed that she is engaged

In a new interview with Popsugar, Renee finally confirmed that she and Carter had gotten engaged in the pods. She also confirmed that cameras followed her to the altar, telling the magazine:

“[Carter and I] I got involved in the capsules and was chosen to accompany us for the rest of the trip… We were very enthusiastic about everything and things went very well in Mexico too. We were always very friendly, funny, cheerful and enjoyed each other’s company.”

So did the duo get married?

“When we got back to Houston and into the real world, I noticed things that I kind of ignored or brushed off that were warning signs that I should have noticed. And finally I said no at the altar.”

As it turns out, Renee was just as surprised as fans that her story was cut from the show.

Netflix gave Renee a lame excuse for breaking off her engagement

According to Renee’s interview, Netflix wasn’t entirely clear about why it canceled her commitment to the series. In fact, it sounds like the streamer told her she would appear far more often than she actually did.

“A few months before the show aired, in August, I received a call to tell me that our story would not be the focus. I was told, ‘We’re just going to say that Carter was terrible, and we don’t want you to have to go through that again.’ That’s just not going to be a big focus.’ They also said timing was an issue, so they decided to shorten our story. That’s what I was told.”

Are you confused? Renee too.

“I asked for clarification because I was so confused at first. My first question was, “Wait, the wedding isn’t being shown?” She said, “No, not a wedding.” So I kept asking more and she was like, “I think it’s more like you guys are friends from the “It was very vague, and I still thought we might get engaged on the show and then kind of branch out from there.”

Imagine her surprise when the show aired and not only was her engagement cut, but all the scenes from Mexico surrounding her and Carter were cut. Renee speculated about other reasons for Netflix’s decision, but did not reveal them.

There’s more to Renee and Carter’s story than we know

When asked what viewers missed about her experience with Carter, Renee called their relationship an “emotional rollercoaster.” While there were some highs, she also noted some “really difficult parts that I’ll get into, but not yet.”

Earlier in the interview, she also referred to the men in the pods as a “mess” and a “disaster,” perhaps reflecting her feelings toward Carter. Rumors are circulating online that while they were living together, Carter brought another woman back to her apartment and threatened producers with killing themselves if they went public with his story. Check out the drama in the comments section of Carter’s latest Instagram post!

These days, Renee is happily married to someone else who wants nothing to do with her public life. She is also good friends with all the women in the groups! They have a group chat and meet regularly in Houston.

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