Will Eleven get her powers back in Stranger Things?

In season three, Eleven lost her powers after battling the Mind Flayer. Well, that’s how things stay in character stranger things Season 4 Volume 1. In fact, last season’s big focus was Eleven trying to find meaning in her life without supernatural abilities. So every fan is excited to see if Jane Hopper gets her powers back.

Eleven actually had a rough time after losing Hopper, and she didn’t exactly make many friends in California. In addition, her relationship with Mike became complicated. So when Eleven was given the opportunity to regain her strength through the Nina Project, she couldn’t just walk away. Furthermore, Eleven knew she needed her powers to save Hawkins and maybe the rest of the world. However, restoring her abilities wasn’t like a high school lecture, as Eleven had to remember every traumatic event from her childhood.

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With the help of Owens and Brenner, Eleven reminisces about the events of all those years ago. Much like the outside world, children at the facility bullied Elf because he was different. However, it wasn’t Eleven who killed everyone in the Hawkins lab.

In the lab, the only person who loved Eleven for who she really was was Peter Ballard. In several episodes we saw Peter as one of the lab staff who liked Eleven. He guided Eleven at every step so she could increase her powers, and he gave the girl a chance to escape the facility. However, Eleven decided to help Peter by removing a tracking pill from her neck.

Well, it turns out that Peter was actually the first test subject for Brenner. Amazingly, Peter had the powers before he arrived at the lab, and Brenner used his blood to create other children with abilities, including Eleven. Well, after the pill is removed from his throat, Peter gets his powers back and he promises to help Eleven. However, he immediately goes on a rampage and kills every person in the facility, so it is revealed that his powers have been suppressed for good reason.

Out of twisted logic, Peter gives Eleven a chance to join him in destroying the world. As expected, Eleven decides to fight Peter, which was obviously a crazy thing to do since he is the source of Eleven’s powers.

Eleven finds the “trigger” for her powers

With almost every interaction, Peter would prompt Eleven to use a sad memory from her past to trigger her powers. Apparently Peter does this to control his abilities. Eleven tries to match her but almost loses the fight against Peter. Then, in her final moments, Eleven thinks of a good memory and she sees her mother’s face. Well, she uses that memory as a trigger and knocks Peter in the head while opening a gate, of course. So yes! Peter actually becomes Vecna ​​in stranger things. Also, it turns out it was Eleven’s fight with Peter all those years ago. Elf just decided to forget this traumatic experience.

However, as Eleven relives the past events, in the real world, Brenner confirms that “it’s happening”. So it’s pretty clear that the Doctor is indicating that Eleven is getting her powers back. And now that she knows the source of her powers, Eleven will emerge stronger than ever. She has defeated Vecna ​​before, and only she can do it again.

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