Will Kwame and Chelsea actually get married?

love is blind has brought more than enough messy couples to Netflix, but perhaps none have been as confusing as Kwame Appiah and Chelsea Griffin.

It’s not that these two are particularly volatile; In fact, they practically disappeared in the early episodes of love is blind Season 4. Louder dramas from couples like Irina Solomonova and Zack Goytowski (who broke up mid-season), orjackelina “Jackie” Bonds and Marshall Glaze, the latter of whom began dating one of her on-screen exes from the pods have dominated proceedings so far, leaving Chelsea and Kwame’s utter bizarreness flying under the radar. However, the chaos surfaced as the couple approached the altar at the end of this week’s episodes, which aired on the Friday before next week’s season finale.

As always, love is blind‘s penultimate episode left us on a cliffhanger as Chelsea and Kwame stood at the altar and exchanged their vows. She said yes, but we’ll have to wait until next week to see what he says. No matter if Kwame does If we want to say yes, we should all ask ourselves another, more important question: Should these two say “yes” since they basically don’t seem to agree?

It’s a mystery that should haunt everyone love is blind Fans for seasons to come: How has the Chelsea-Kwame signing remained so reliable, even when Kwame seems to take every opportunity to complain about all the sacrifices, concessions and compromises he’s making?

The bumps in Kwame and Chelsea’s path were evident from the start, with Kwame saying ‘yes’ to Chelsea just days after Micah Lussier turned down his early proposal. With the pair clearing that hurdle, it was time for a quick three-hour trip from Seattle, where most singles live this season, to Kwame’s home in Portland, Oregon. Kwame clearly entered the show hoping that whoever he chose would move to Portland for him, but Chelsea — whose family lives in Seattle and, unlike Kwames, whose job isn’t far away — didn’t hesitate to embrace that idea to refuse. At that point, those close-ups of the dead plants in Kwame’s apartment started to feel like a flashy metaphor.

Kwame appears to have warmed to the idea of ​​moving to Seattle in this week’s episodes – just days before he and Chelsea walk down the aisle. On the other hand, a little tirade after his bachelor party seems to suggest otherwise. “I know Seattle’s gonna hate me for this,” Kwame tells the producers, “but Seattle, you’re overpriced! You are Lamar Odom with Michael Jordan awards.”

Kwame wasn’t exactly popular with them love is blind Fans on social media some think he’s covered in red flags. (Separately, he also faced racial harassment from some fans, prompting both him and Micah to speak out.) Aside from Kwame’s decision to attend a Seattle dating show as a Portland native, there’s also the recent revelation that he has apparently previously auditioned for Married at first sight. earlier this week, love is blind Fans on TikTok spotted Kwame in the season 10 premiere of Married at first sight (which aired in 2020) and noted that the two shows share a common producer, Kinetic Content. For some, this was further evidence that Kwame might be active love is blind “for the wrong reasons”

This week’s episodes found the couple as seemingly unhappy (yet steadfastly committed) as ever. First we find Kwame and Chelsea out shopping – she’s trying on things and he’s making sure everyone knows how bored he is. He also makes sure to complain to the producers about how she reacted to him asking her if she was okay earlier in the morning. (“I have sound OK?” she is said to have asked—a question that obviously rubbed Kwame the wrong way.) Moments later, when Chelsea dares to tell Kwame she’s having fun with him, he replies with an icy chuckle. “You’re you?” he asks. “Good.”

“We’re getting closer to the final segment and I’m going through a lot,” Kwame tells the producers. “I try to find moments when I could be alone, but wherever I am, I’m in her space. It can feel suffocating in places.”


Chelsea, meanwhile, appear determined to ignore Kwame’s striking misery, much like she dismissed his (honestly legitimate) concern last week that having children would complicate things like travel and holidays. At the boutique this week, Chelsea forces chocolate-covered strawberries on a visibly grumpy Kwame, chafing at his compliment that an outfit she’s trying on is a “tough look”. (She apparently would have preferred a simple “You’re beautiful.”)

“I’m sorry,” says Kwame, obviously not sorry. “Just complimenting you the only way I know how.” He tries to strike up a serious conversation about their rough morning but cuts it off when Chelsea smiles at him. However, he ends up confirming that he can still see himself walking down the aisle and saying, “I do.”

One episode later, it’s time for Chelsea to fulfill a lifelong dream while wearing what she and her fiancé seem to agree on: Calvin Klein underwear. They are attending a boudoir photoshoot for couples in matching CK sets. Kwame seems hesitant at first, but in the end he agrees. The experience seems to cement a truth about their relationship for him. As he puts it, “There are difficult moments … but the good far outweighed the bad.”


At the same time, we see that Kwame’s mother – whose displeasure at the engagement was expressed earlier this season during a clearly mock-up phone conversation – still doesn’t seem keen on the arrangement. Chelsea was understandably not pleased this week to find out that Kwame doesn’t want her to take his name until they get Mommy Dearest’s seal of approval. Before the wedding, he talks to his two siblings, who encourage him to say “yes,” but on the way to the ceremony, he still seems very insecure. Wedding bells or wedding hell? We’ll find out next week!

Obviously, as a reality dating show that keeps their wine glasses opaque to hide their editing, love is blind does not show us every moment in a couple relationship. It always feels a little unfair to speculate about these relationships given how limited our insight into them can be. (For example, consider how different Jackie’s on-screen story becomes when you learn that behind-the-scenes she’s been struggling with her father’s terminal illness all season — a detail on-screen viewers never learn. ) That is, unless they edited everything into the happier moments from this one, this author would pack the pink shoes and pink nail polish to look for greener pastures.

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