Will Shang-Chi appear in the MCU before the Ten Rings sequel?

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings was an underrated Marvel project that brought a rather obscure superhero to the main stage of the MCU. Although it featured several cameos from characters from other parts of the MCU, the film was relatively self-contained and had a reasonably large box office success with $432 million, even if many were still feeling uneasy during the Covid outbreak, to return to the cinemas.

With Shang Chi Destin Daniel Cretton was the first Asian American director of an MCU film and the first Asian American director of a Marvel film since Ang Lee Hulk in 2003. Since then, Cretton has worked closely with Marvel Studios and is slated to direct Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and write what is to come Miracle man Series. In addition to these projects, Cretton is repeatedly asked if he will make an untitled sequel Shang Chi.

Update September 9, 2023: Over two years have passed since then Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings was in theaters, so this article by Valerie Parker has been updated with more information about Shang-Chi’s possible return to the MCU.

This will bring his flagship character back into the Marvel Universe and make him an integral part of the MCU narrative. Although Cretton signed an overall deal with Marvel in 2021, which included confirmation that he would write and direct a direct sequel Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Other than that at least one unspecified Disney+ series will take place in the MCU, no other information has been revealed.

However, given this integration and popularity within the MCU, there is hope that viewers will see more of Shang-Chi outside of his own franchise. Now that two years have passed since its sequel and there is no sign of Shang-Chi anywhere in the MCU, fans are wondering when he will next appear.

Why did Shang-Chi 2 take so long?

Shang Chi
Marvel Studios

One would expect after that how good Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings At the box office and with critics and fans, Marvel Studios would have quickly greenlit a sequel and put it into production. Finally, Ironman 2, Thor: The Dark World, And Captain America: Civil War all came out two years after their heroes’ previous films. Even a three-year break would mean the film would be released next year, in 2024, but no progress has been made. The Shang Chi It was originally announced that a sequel would follow Avengers: The Kang Dynastybut the schedule has changed so drastically that it is now unlikely that a sequel will hit theaters before 2027.

Although it quickly became clear that Cretton would be working more closely with the MCU, few knew exactly how far his reach would extend. Over the year following the release of Shang ChiCretton was given three more Marvel projects, making him one of the series’ most important directors.

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The recent disappointing box office results for films like Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumaniacoupled with mixed reviews for the Disney+ MCU series like Secret invasion, has led returning Walt Disney Pictures CEO Bob Iger to suggest that increased production was to blame for declining returns. This, coupled with the halting of all Marvel productions due to the ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, has forced the studio to rethink its schedule.

Shang-Chi himself recently addressed the ongoing delays with a post on social media platform Threads, explaining: “I was told it would follow Avengers but that keeps getting pushed back due to circumstances beyond my control lie 🙁 I hope to share more concrete news.” soon.” A release date in 2027 for a Shang Chi Tracking it would take six years from the original’s release, and if the strikes continue, the film could likely be pushed back even further.

Still, it’s encouraging to see that the film is still being discussed and that its star is still eagerly awaiting a sequel. When asked what could happen to his legendary character, Simu Liu replied Complex in an exclusive interview:

“I think that’s exactly what Shaun wants to do with all this newfound power, you know? It somehow consumed his father, Wenwu. I’m curious to see how someone much younger and much more inexperienced would perform against the rings. Just the idea of ​​suddenly being given something that is so powerful, but also so dangerous. And then the other big question I have is how does Shaun fit in with the rest of the MCU? Who will you see? What crazy team-ups? What kind of connecting points, Easter eggs? I’m just as in the dark as everyone else, so I don’t know anything, but I’m excited to dive into this process.”

However, we don’t have any concrete information about when there will be a full sequel Shang Chi will grace the screen, with the Marvel works, viewers will see guest appearances from their favorite characters almost everywhere. Still, we haven’t seen Shang-Chi anywhere in the MCU since his big debut, despite the many connections the film set the character up for.

How does Shang-Chi connect to the MCU?

Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings post-credits scene
Marvel Studios

One of the most important parts of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings could have been the post-credits scene. Here Marvel asked the question: What exactly are the Ten Rings? These magical, possibly alien artifacts grant their wearer superhuman strength, speed, and a certain level of magic.

When Wong inspected the rings, he was puzzled at what they could be and found that they did not appear in any ancient codex he had at Kamar-Taj. Both Captain Marvel and Bruce Banner observed them and agreed that they were neither aliens nor made of any metal found on Earth. But one thing was certain: they were sending some kind of message. The Ten Rings emitted some kind of beacon from within, but no one seemed to know what it was or where it went. Directed by Cretton The Kang Dynastycould this be related to the threat of Kang the Conqueror.

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We haven’t heard from Shang-Chi and his Ten Rings since, but this scene hinted that they would be important. If Cretton doesn’t make it Shang Chi Continuing, then at some point he may have to explain what the rings did. Or if they sent a beacon somewhere, someone must respond in the future. Although the comic book character is usually absorbed in his own business, he was an Avenger and is now in contact with Wong in the MCU, appearing in various MCU projects.

The rings also resemble Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel’s bracelet, which allows her to channel her own powers and she will soon meet her idol, Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel The wonders, is scheduled to hit theaters on November 10, 2023. In fact, in the Ms. Marvel scene where Kamala’s great-grandmother Aisha takes possession of this bracelet, a dead Kree was seen in a scene with the Ten Rings logo. As the ongoing saga of Captain Marvel continues its story with the Kree Empire and the film’s Kree villain, Dar-Benn wears a bracelet that appears to resemble Kamala’s. So maybe Shang-Chi will make a surprise appearance The wonderseither in the actual film or in a post-credit scene.

Future projects that Shang-Chi might appear in

Shang Chi Eternals
Marvel Studios

A key difference between the Infinity Saga and the MCU’s Multiverse Saga is how often characters appear. Iron Man, Thor and Captain America were the heroes at the center of the Infinity Saga. Many of these characters appeared in many projects, sometimes just a year apart, even if it wasn’t their solo film. Even newcomer Doctor Strange appeared in a film every year from 2017 to 2019 and then again in 2021, despite a six-year gap between his first film and its sequel, meaning audiences only didn’t see him in 2020.

Had Shang-Chi appeared in the early stages of the MCU, he probably would have made two or three cameo appearances by now. Still, he hasn’t been seen since 2021, although there are obvious places to include him, such as in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania as a fellow resident of San Francisco. Where will Shang-Chi appear next?

Cretton could find a way to bring Shang-Chi into conflict with Wonder Man, as he is signed on as a producer for this series and Ben Kingsley Trevor Slattery will be returning in this film. As mentioned, he might appear in the mid-credits scene of The wonders since Carol Danvers actually appeared in the credits of his film. Another likely project is Captain America: Brave New World. Details about the film aren’t known yet, but it looks like Sam Wilson’s Captain America will be putting together a team of his own, and Shang-Chi would certainly be a great addition and a similar badass to the film that stars Ant-Man and Spider-Man adds , and Black Panther made sure of that Captain America: Civil War.

While he hasn’t had a significant impact on the MCU at this point, don’t discount Shang-Chi just yet, and he’ll likely be one of the franchise’s main faces going forward.

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