Will the “Big Brother 25” jury be let in on Cirie and Jared’s secret? The speculation, explained

As the houseguests were evicted from the house one by one Big Brother 25, host Julie Chen Moonves always tells them a secret before the weekly eviction episode ends. She reveals that Cirie fields And Jared Fields are in fact a mother-son duo who usually elicit a stunned reaction from the eliminated house guest.

With the jury just around the corner, Big Brother Fans are left with only one question: Will Julie continue to let the eliminated house guest in on this secret?

Since the jury knows that Cirie and Jared are a mother-son duo, the final result is of Big Brother 25 could have drastic implications – keep scrolling to see what feedsters have to say about the uncertain future that lies ahead…

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To start the conversation, @CheesecakeOdd2087 asked the question via Reddit: “So far this season, Julie has revealed ‘the twist’ to evicted houseguests. Will this continue with the jury members? If I were a juror, this information would 100% influence my vote. So do they?”

Naturally, Big Brother Fans across the country expressed their theories about how Cirie and Jared’s relationship would be handled once the jury comes into play.

“Unlikely Production/Julie will be based on how twists/relationships have been handled in the past, but if Blue is on the jury, she could reveal it to the other evicted houseguests (again, based on how these things have been handled in the past)” , shared @BigBrother-ModTeam, explaining that, aside from production, Jared’s showmance partner (or should we say former showmance partner?) Blue Kim could be the one calling the shots. Since Izzy Gleicher is no longer home, she is the only one who knows her secret!

Even though the jury doesn’t know that Cirie and Jared are a mother-son duo, @InfluenceVast6093 brought up an interesting point that could potentially seal Cirie’s fate as the winner Big Brother 25Should Jared be eliminated this Thursday (September 28th): “If I were Cirie, I would use it as a topic of conversation for myself [final two] Speech. It has the wow factor that grabs the judges’ attention.”

Some Reddit users agreed with this theory, such as @Dont_Be_Sheep, who emphasized how important this final speech is by referencing the finale of Big Brother 24. “Taylor [Hale] won because her speech was ten billion times better than Monte’s [Taylor], who came across as cocky. Even though he did better than Taylor in every way, his speech and answers turned everyone off. He didn’t even respond to anything. Taylor was humble and explained her game. Although she wasn’t as impressive, she did a much better job. Guess who won? Not the person with all the competition wins and big moves…the one with the speech,” the Reddit user said.

On the other hand, @CheesecakeOdd2087 had a lot to say about why it would be bad for Cirie to say this in her last two speeches should she get that far: “I wouldn’t do it if I were her.” I think it would affecting their chances of winning TBH. “Yeah, so my son Jared was here with me the whole time. I feel sorry for anyone who told him something in confidence, not knowing that he would run straight to me and inform me of everything.’ It would probably give the (correct) impression that she had an unfair advantage over other competitors in the game, which I don’t think would help her in the last two games.”

With two equally credible arguments – who knows what could happen – Cirie might not even make it to the final two!

Jared Fields
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Although Jared isn’t entirely in the game at the moment, you shouldn’t leave him out either.

After being eliminated alongside Cameron Hardin in a thrilling doubleheader with the infamous Zombie Twist last Thursday (September 21), he could still make it back to the league Big Brother House and outlasts his fellow candidates until the end.

After their elimination, Jared and Cameron returned to the house (or should we say Sound Stage 18 at CBS Studios in Los Angeles?). Big Brother Zombies this week. After a high-risk contest this Thursday, only one of them will return to the game while the other will be kicked out for good.

Although the film had not yet aired on CBS, Cameron won the Resurrection Rumble competition, although the challenge was left on a cliffhanger. With another challenge on the horizon that will determine who stays and who goes, Cameron now has the power to play himself or choose Jared as his competitor. If the participating HouseGuest wins, they will be reinstated Big Brother House forever, but if the participating houseguest loses, the other zombie’s game will be revived – it’s sure to be an exciting episode!

To find out which zombie stays inside Big Brother House, make sure you tune in to CBS this Thursday at 9pm ET/PT. To see if Cirie or Jared make it to the final two (and to see if their secret stays secret), be sure to watch new episodes every Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday from then on—it’s getting exciting.

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