Will Yellowstone end with Season 5?

Season five of yellowstone had a record-breaking premiere in November with 12.1 million viewers. However, there is some speculation about the future of the hit television series Paramount Plus. There are many rumors that the show could end on a high by making the penultimate episode of this season its last.

Is the fifth season over? yellowstone? Here’s the hottest tea on the fate of the Dutton family.

What is yellowstone?

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yellowstone is a neo-western television series created by filmmakers Taylor Sheridan and John Linson. The show debuted on Paramount Plus in 2018. It tells the story of the powerful Dutton family, owners of one of the largest ranches in the United States. All-powerful patriarch John Dutton (Kevin Costner) embodies the powerful influence of the family. He is a seventh generation landowner dedicated to preserving the Dutton way of life in a complex and ever-changing world.

Dutton is a widower, and his children Jamie (Wes Bentley), Beth (Kelly Reilly) and Kayce (Luke Grimes) must navigate their lives in the shadow of an overbearing paternal figure endowed with absolute power. Like their father, the Dutton children are anti-heroes. The palpable tension and dysfunction is part of what makes the series so compelling. yellowstone deftly seduces his audience by unabashedly portraying the light and dark aspects of his characters’ personalities.

Rumors abound

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Paramount and Sheridan have yet to issue an official statement confirming there will be a sixth season of yellowstone, and from December 2022 the show was not renewed. The ominous silence has led to ongoing speculation that season five will be the end. Also, Sheridan didn’t mince his words when he revealed it entertainment tonight that fans should prepare to say goodbye to one or more of their favorite characters:

“If you think of everyone as a pawn, in season five it’s impossible to continue the game without removing pieces from the board.”

So far, the only certainty about the future of the series is that season five will air in two parts, each with seven episodes, and will have an inevitable goodbye.

Taylor Sheridan hints at what’s in store for the show

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In 2020, when the fourth season aired, Sheridan was candid with Deadline about completing the series, sharing that he had already decided how it will end. He expressed a desire for the yellowstone to come to a natural conclusion instead of languishing aimlessly in the air:

“Well, I know how it ends. I know how the series ends and you need to move towards that ending in a straight line. You can’t run in circles waiting to get there because the show will stagnate.”

Sheridan provided an intriguing clue to this Yellowstone’s He emphasized that viewers have been privy to the crimes and misdemeanors of the Dutton family over the past few seasons, stressing that “consequences” will shape the course of the show.

“There must be consequences in the world, and there must be an evolution towards a conclusion.”

The storylines could go in a thousand different directions to illustrate Sheridan’s belief that karma never forgets an address. Anyone who saw the show knows the family has blood on their hands. While he didn’t go into detail about how the Duttons’ accountability will manifest itself, he leaves fans tense to unravel the moral of the story.

Many viewers have drawn parallels between yellowstone and Francis Ford Coppolas The Godfather,’ widely regarded as the best American film of all time. Both tell the story of the generational transmission of corrupt power, and the climax of Coppola’s trilogy ended in bitter retribution. It should be interesting to see if Sheridan is more nuanced about the Duttons’ compensation.

Cole Hauser announces season five results

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Cole Hauser broke the suspense over the show’s ending at the Season 5 New York premiere. The native Californian told PEOPLE, “It’s not the last season.” Hauser was then contradicted by co-star Kelsey Asbille (Monica Long Dutton), who was also asked about the future of the show at the premiere. she said entertainment tonight, “You know, they didn’t give us a number. But I think we’re nearing the end. We have a story to tell and we don’t want to drag it out too long.”

Fans will be relieved to learn that an insider has confirmed Hauser’s comments, stating that the show’s creator missed the event because he is writing material for the show’s next season. with Yellowstone’s astronomical ratings, there’s no incentive to finish the show just yet, and Sheridan’s absence from the season five premiere appears to be related to his hint at the show’s length in 2020 when he asked, “Can there be two more seasons? this? It could.”

It could indicate that the chicken will come home to sleep for the Duttons next season yellowstone. However, if the show can maintain its impressive viewership for the upcoming season, there’s a good chance it will last even beyond its sixth season. However, ratings are not the only determining factor when it comes to whether or not a broadcaster renews a show.

The future of yellowstone

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There you have it. Fans can look forward to at least one more season of yellowstone when season five ends. Time will tell whether or not the show will continue beyond that.

The plot is so robust and prolific that it has already spawned three spinoffs with prequels 1883: The Bass-Reeves Storyas well as 1923 and the coming 6666. Each show explores the complicated, daring and violent family history of the Duttons. It is also possible that when John Dutton’s chapter story ends, another begins in a new incarnation.

There’s no doubt that loyal fans shudder at the prospect of the show ending. The final episode will mark the end of a satisfying television era, and the series deserves to maintain its creator’s high standards. After all, that’s what made it one of the biggest shows in recent memory.

As sad as the farewell will be yellowstone, the series made its mark in television history and will have an enduring legacy. Few shows have captured the imagination of their viewers as successfully as this one. It bravely provokes thought about the history of the American West and what that means for the country today.

If you don’t get caught yellowstone, now is your chance. In the spirit of the holidays, Paramount is gifting fans with a yellowstone Marathon ending with the Season 5 finale on New Year’s Day.

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