Woman accused husband of allegedly forcing her to behead co-worker

During a September 2020 murder trial, a New Hampshire woman said her husband allegedly hit her and forced her to behead her co-worker after he found out they were having an affair.

Britany Baron, 33, testified that her husband Armando Barron, 32, allegedly “severely” beat her on the day of the killing of 25-year-old Jonathan Amerault. She also claimed that she wasn’t the one who killed him.

In September 2020, Armando was charged with murder for allegedly shooting Amerault in the head – which the lead coroner ruled as the cause of death, according to a press release.

Britany pleaded guilty to three counts of fabricating physical evidence and was released on parole in April. During the October sentencing hearing, she apologized to Amerault’s family. Currently, the defense accuses Britany of shooting and killing Amerault.

Wife said husband forced her to murder
Britany Barron claimed it was her husband Armando Barron who shot and killed her colleague after finding text messages between the two. She also claimed that her husband forced her to decapitate the body.
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According to a poll conducted by YouGov, an estimated one-third of Americans have experienced a love triangle.

The poll also found that nearly 45 percent of 18- to 24-year-olds were in a love triangle themselves.

Britany claimed it was Armando who pulled the trigger and forced her to behead Amerault after finding text messages between the two. She also accused Armando of “violently” beating her.

She tearfully told the courtroom on May 18 that she had told Armando that she no longer loved him and wanted a divorce, and he responded by allegedly choking her.

Britany recalled that Armando allegedly told her on the witness stand, “Don’t do anything stupid or the girls will walk into something horrible,” WKRC reported.

She blamed Armando for ordering her to stand on Amerault’s throat and recalled that he was struggling to breathe.

She testified that Armando shot Amerault three times with a Taurus revolver.

Prosecutors added that she was forced to behead Amerault because she “feared for her life.”

“Prosecutors believe they will be completed no later than Wednesday, which would allow for the defense’s case on Thursday and a closure on Friday,” a New Hampshire court official said news week.

news week reached out to the New Hampshire State Police for comment.

In April, a New York man was charged in the death of a woman after he allegedly used her phone to text her husband.

In Texas, police have accused a woman of being on the run after allegedly killing a love triangle rival.

An off-duty police officer allegedly shot and killed his wife’s lover outside a Buffalo Wild Wing in New York before shooting himself, police said.

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