Woman slammed for “forgetting” wallet while eating at expensive restaurants

A woman has been slammed online after always “forgetting” her wallet when eating out at expensive restaurants.

Posted on Reddit’s controversial r/AmITeA**hole forum, a woman using the anonymous username u/Slow-Pianist-4431 shared her story to get the opinions of the “AITA” community. The viral post has over 15,000 upvotes and 1,000 comments.

The original poster (OP) began her story by explaining that since she is not from the area, her sister-in-law “Amy” often visits her. However, she always wants to eat in expensive restaurants and then constantly forgets her wallet or apologizes for not being able to pay her part.

Woman forgets her wallet while eating
A group of friends eating out. The internet has slammed a woman for always “forgetting” her wallet when dining out with her family at expensive restaurants.
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The OP’s sister-in-law thinks she should be the one who has to pay since she makes more money than her. The Redditor admits she makes good money, but not enough to regularly treat someone to an expensive meal. If she forgets her wallet, the OP usually pays and asks her sister-in-law to pay her back, but she never does.

“She had a reservation at an extremely expensive restaurant last night and before we left I made it clear I wouldn’t be paying her bill,” she explained, “when we left, she and my husband went to the restaurant car. I pretended I forgot something and went back inside. I found her wallet right on top of her suitcase. I put them in my purse and we went to the restaurant.”

“When we finished eating, I asked for separate bills. She said no we need a bill because she ‘forgot’ her wallet again. I reached into my purse and said, ‘This wallet?’ She was extremely angry and said I shouldn’t have touched or grabbed her wallet,” she continued.

In a recent edit to the post, she explained that her sister-in-law found her post on the popular Reddit forum and snapped at her for “talking bad about her online.”

news week asked u/Slow-Pianist-4431 for a comment.

Dealing with a “free rider”

Do you have a friend or family member who tends to “cheat” from you? A “free rider” tends to take advantage of the kindness of others and doesn’t give back.

Takeyoursuccess.com shared some tips on how to deal with the “free rider” in your life:

  • State your expectations in advance: Explain that everyone pays for themselves and should plan accordingly.
  • don’t give in: Be confident and say no when necessary.
  • Stop agreeing to “I’ll pay you back later.”: Saying no and refusing to pay for their share.
  • Be honest with them: If the sucking continues, sit down with them and talk to them and be direct.
  • Limit interactions: If nothing seems to be working, try not to see her as often or end the friendship.

Redditor reactions

“[Not the a**hole] but you should have flipped the switch – left your wallet at home – just brought your driver’s license so she had to pay the entire bill and then never took her to a restaurant again,” suggested u/jizzy_lizzie, receiving the top comment from over 11,000 comments.

“[Not the a**hole]. She plays checkers, you play chess and she’s mad you called her about her BS,” wrote u/lost_squid89.

“[Not the a**hole], but you really have a problem with your husband,” explained u/NerdySwampWitch, “He needs to impose the law on his sister. She is the guest. When she chooses the restaurant, she pays for her meal. That from now on there will be a wallet check before she leaves the house. And that his wife’s job is not designed to complement Amy’s lifestyle.”

“LOL. Wild and definitely [Not the a**hole]. How immature of her to think she could take advantage of you like that,” commented u/underwhelmed1001.

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