Woman supports because she does not cover the rental company’s truck repairs

Commenters on a viral internet thread showed support for a woman after she explained how a fender flare in the driveway led to her calling the police about her landlord.

In a Reddit post published on r/AmITeA**hole, Redditor u/Home-Junior (aka Original Poster or OP) said her car was parked in the designated lot when her landlord pulled his pickup truck into the rammed into the coupe and immediately tried to pin the blame on anyone but himself.

Captioned: “[Am I the a**hole] for not paying for my landlord’s damaged car after he rammed his car into mine?” The post has garnered more than 6,300 votes over the last day and 98 percent upvotes.

The original poster wrote that she was staying in a rented suite attached to her landlord’s house and said the residence was advertised with a parking space but made no mention of its tiny size.

“The suite came with a parking space [but] the parking lot he advertised? This tiny little bottleneck right next to two of his cars parked in front of his two-car garage,” the OP wrote. “But okay. I was able to carefully fit my tiny coupe in.

“And I had e.g [three] Months without incident,” added OP.

However, after three months without incident, the original poster said their unblemished parking record came to an abrupt end.

“Yesterday morning, while trying to leave the house, I witnessed my landlord trying to back his F-350 into its usual spot next to my car,” the OP wrote. “But he missed and rammed my car instead.”

“He gets out of his truck, looks at me and scolds me. He tells me that it was my fault because I had my car there. My car being there was for reckless parking and he had no choice but to slam me,'” OP continued. “I told him no. That he hit my car. And that he was the one who authorized parking there.”

After her landlord told her he would charge her for the damage to his truck, the original poster said the situation quickly escalated, prompting her to call the police for fear of retribution.

“He of course laughed at me, called me an idiot and told me to expect a bill in the mail,” the OP wrote. “I said, ‘No, you’re giving me no choice but to call the police.'”

“This man was suddenly very angry and was swearing at me,” OP continued. “I quickly went to my suite, locked the doors, called the police.”

“This morning [my landlord] sent me a lot of texts calling me sh*t for costing him a lot of money,” added OP to raise their baby.”

Man and women upset about car accident
Members of Reddit’s r/AmITeA**hole forum defended a woman who said her landlord accused her of damaging his pickup truck.
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In certain cities, a single parking space can cost hundreds of dollars a month and a similar amount to the monthly rent.

While residents of cities with ample public transportation are less likely to rely on a car on a regular basis, residents of sprawling cities with little public transportation face a different reality where parking is expensive.

Access to open spaces may prove less controversial for those parking in an apartment complex or, like the original poster, in a private driveway, but that doesn’t prevent controversy and confrontation.

Since the end of last year news week has reported numerous viral Reddit threads detailing a variety of parking issues, including stolen, snow-covered parking spots, multiple calls to tow companies, and bizarre behavior at cul-de-sacs.

In most of these cases, Redditors have sided with those suffering from parking injustices. In the case of the original poster, Redditors were quick to call their landlord because he had lost his temper in an accident that was clearly his fault, and encouraged OP to move out as soon as possible.

“[Not the a**hole]:” Redditor u/Elizis wrote in the top comment of the post, which received more than 7,000 votes. “He sounds like the a***hole and you should probably move.”

“Sounds like you did the only thing you could and had to do to keep yourself safe,” added Redditor u/mle667, receiving more than 1,500 votes. “That means this man has keys to your apartment, so I would consider moving as soon as possible.”

“He’s going to make your life miserable while you live there?” Another Redditor chimed in. “Any chance of moving? Because I would seriously consider it.”

In a separate comment, Redditor u/ErixWorxMemes provided a more detailed answer.

“He not only provided a ‘parking lot,’ but went out of his way to advertise that the condo has a parking lot,” they wrote. “Then he hit your car, and even if your vehicle was parked so that it protruded from its allotted space, it’s still the other driver’s responsibility not to hit you.”

“He’s obviously trying to cover his ass and make you pay for his mistake,” they added.

https://www.newsweek.com/reckless-parking-woman-backed-not-covering-landlords-truck-repair-1709398 Woman supports because she does not cover the rental company’s truck repairs

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