“Wordle” #885 hints and answers for the game on Tuesday, November 21st

When Josh Wardle created Wordle During the lockdown, the New York-based software developer had no idea the global sensation it would create.

Originally intended as a gift for his crossword-loving partner, Wardle realized that other puzzle geeks might enjoy the game and decided to share it with the world. Within one month of uploading Wordle The game was released on the Internet in October 2021, had over 2 million daily players and was purchased by The New York Times for a seven-figure amount in January 2022.

More than two years later and Wordle is still very popular. According to a WordFinder survey of over 1,000 people Wordle Players 38 percent of people in the US still play the game every day.

A cell phone with you "Wordle" on the screen
A cell phone with “Wordle” on the screen. Newsweek has put together five handy tips to help you guess today’s Wordle puzzle solution.
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They also found that the average American Wordle The player also spends 12 minutes solving the daily brain teaser – more than three days a year.

It turns out, Wordle Skills and habits also vary from generation to generation. The baby boomers are apparently the best Wordle Players who won 81 percent of the time. However, they play the game the most, which gives them an advantage.

When asked why they play Wordle63 percent of American gamers said it keeps their minds sharp, 60 percent play because they enjoy word puzzles, while 35 percent simply “enjoy the thrill of accomplishing something.”

WordFinder also asked users about their favorite seed words, with “stare,” “crane,” “raise,” “audio,” and “adieu” taking the top five spots. Other popular options included “crate,” “train,” “slate,” “heart,” and “arise.”

If you are having difficulty finding the answer to today’s question Wordle Puzzle, Newsweek has put together a few tips to help you.

“Wordle” #885, notes for Tuesday, November 21st

Here are five tips for today Wordle Brain teaser a little easier.

Clue #1: Today’s answer is a noun, according to Merriam-Webster.

Note #2: There are no repeating letters.

Note #3: Related words include “key,” “ivory,” and “note.”

Note #4: Today Wordle The puzzle contains three vowels.

Note #5: The answer ends with an “o.”

‘Wordle’ #885, reply for Tuesday November 21st

The answer to today’s question Wordle Puzzle is “piano”.

Did you make it to the six given estimates or less? Don’t feel bad if you didn’t – even Wardle admits he struggles sometimes. If you need advice on solving tomorrow’s puzzle when it resets at midnight, Newsweek Wardle asked for his top tips for playing the game.

In an exclusive interview in 2022, Wardle told Newsweek: “I would encourage people to experiment with different ideas and find their own.” [starting] words, rather than sticking to the same tried-and-true tactics over and over again.

However, he recommended eliminating the false gray letters first so that it is easier to find the green and gold letters.

“Even if you have most of the letters, it’s still worth taking a few tries to further narrow down the options,” he said.

“It is often just as important to learn which letters do not appear in a word. This information can actually be more meaningful in many ways, and you don’t necessarily realize it at first.”