Wordle Today #562 Clues and Answers for Monday, January 2 Challenge

A year has passed since then Wordl was first revealed to the public in October 2021 by New York software developer Josh Wardle, but the game continues to grow in strength. Invented by Wardle during coronavirus lockdown as a game ‘for me and my partner to enjoy’ Wordl became an online sensation and was later bought by the New York Times for a seven-figure sum.

Speak with news week Joel C. Wallenberg, Lecturer in Language Development at the University of York, UK, explained why language games are so popular.

He said: “Language always seems to fascinate people. Perhaps this is because producing and understanding language is a fantastically complex process, and we are only aware of the smallest part of this process as it goes on; most of what we do when we speak, we do unconsciously, but people may have an inkling that when they speak they are doing something very involved and impressive, even if they don’t know the details or why should be like that.

Wordle Notes for Monday February 2, 2023
A person plays the online word game Wordle on a cell phone on January 11, 2022 in Washington, DC. Newsweek has some hints and tips to help you solve today’s puzzle.

“Language games show how conscious (or unconscious) we are of our own linguistic processes, and perhaps give us a little more insight into them than before. That could be one reason why humans, perhaps in general, have always invented and enjoyed language games.”

The answer to today’s riddle will be revealed at the end of this article, so carefully scroll down if you want to find out for yourself. To help you solve today’s problems Wordl, news week gave some tips.

‘Wordle’ #562 Tips and Hints for Monday January 2nd

Wordl Players can use these five clues to solve riddle #562.

Tip #1: There are no repeated letters.

Tip #2: The answer contains only one vowel.

Tip #3: It’s a kind of clothing.

Tip #4: The third letter is a vowel.

Tip #5: The letter “e” does not appear in today’s answer.

‘Wordle’ #562 answer for Monday, January 2

The answer to today Wordl is “skirt”.

With only one vowel, which was a tough nut to crack, although being a relatively common word helped. Do you understand it? If so, congratulations! But don’t worry if you don’t, one of the best things about it Wordl is to see if you can improve your score over time. In any case, news week will be back tomorrow with another round Wordl hints and tips.

What does “skirt” mean?

The Cambridge University Dictionary defines ‘skirt’ as ‘a garment for women and girls, hanging at the waist and having no legs’.

For example: “She was wearing a denim skirt and a white shirt.”

The next Wordl Puzzle will be available at 7pm ET when the daily update comes out.

https://www.newsweek.com/wordle-today-562-clues-answer-monday-january-2-challenge-1770663 Wordle Today #562 Clues and Answers for Monday, January 2 Challenge

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