‘Wordle’ Today #648 Answers, hints and tips for the game on Wednesday March 29th

Wordl continues to be played every day by thousands of loyal fans around the world, well over a year after it was first revealed to the public in October 2021. The game was invented by New York software developer Josh Wardle, who sold it The New York Times in January 2022 for an unspecified seven-figure sum.

Speak with news week Earlier this month, Wardle admitted that, despite fabricating it up Wordl, he sometimes still struggles with the riddles. He said, “Well, I created something Wordl and I’m not very good at it, so here’s your answer! I’m afraid I’m not really the best.

“[My partner] and I play it together on the couch every morning. She will consistently do it in three runs, which is way, way better than I can ever hope for. It usually takes me at least four or five tries.”

Wordle clues for the March 29, 2023 puzzle
The pun “Wordle” is shown on a mobile phone in Houston, Texas on January 12, 2022. Newsweek has some hints and tips to help you solve this week’s Wordle puzzle.
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Erhan Aslan, Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics at the University of Reading in the UK, said news week Social media played a key role in this Wordlviral spread.

He commented: “In today’s digital age, as with many other things, many like simple games Wordl can be played online. I think that Wordl gains its popularity not only from its simple rules but also from its virality on social media platforms as people share/post their results to demonstrate a sense of accomplishment and validation.”

The answer to today’s riddle will be revealed at the end of this article, so carefully scroll down if you want to find out for yourself.

‘Wordle’ #648, Notes for Wednesday, March 29

news week has put together five clues that will help you solve today’s task Wordl Puzzle.

Tip #1: The answer contains two vowels, both of the same letter.

Tip #2: synonym for today Wordl include “Betevil” and “Besieger”.

Tip #3: The second and fourth letters are the same.

Tip #4: Associated with difficulties.

Tip #5: There is no I in teams. Same goes for today Wordl.

‘Wordle’ #648 answer for Wednesday, March 29

The answer to today Wordl is “possessed”.

Well that was fun! With a double vowel in a relatively common word, that certainly wasn’t the hardest part Wordl we still faced, but it was still a good puzzle. did you figure it out It’s well done, but please don’t fret if you don’t. news week will be back tomorrow with another round Wordl Hints and tips, and one of the best things about the game is seeing if you can improve your score over time.

What does “possessed” mean?

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “obsessed” as “having a lot of trouble or dealing with a lot of something that causes problems.”

For example: “With today’s traffic levels, even driving through the city is fraught with danger.”

https://www.newsweek.com/wordle-today-648-answer-hints-tips-wednesday-march-29-game-1791014 ‘Wordle’ Today #648 Answers, hints and tips for the game on Wednesday March 29th

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