Would these horror franchises work as TV adaptations today?


  • Television’s episodic format allows for more character growth and ongoing narratives, making it a productive platform for horror franchises like Child’s play to make the transition.
  • The Chucky The TV series successfully retains the thrill and humor of the films, with Brad Dourif’s voice as Chucky providing a crucial connection to the films. It also deals with current social commentary and adds depth to the human characters.
  • Other horror franchises could benefit from TV adaptations by exploring new storylines and delving deeper into their mythologies while maintaining audience engagement.

There is no doubt that Horror has been quite present at the box office in recent years, but can also have a productive place on the small screen. The Child’s play The franchise has done pretty much everything possible in film form, but it seemed to find new life through this Chucky TV series that will soon enter its third season. The episodic format allows for greater character development and sustained, ongoing narratives that do not need to be concluded at the end of the episode. A season of television can do a lot, and that’s why other horror franchises should consider making the transition to television.

Talk about the Chucky The creator of the TV series, Dan Mancini, took what worked Child’s play films and seemed to effortlessly adapt them to the small screen. Chucky still retains the grotesque thrill of the films while maintaining their wicked sense of humor. In addition, the presence of Brad Dourif as the voice of Chucky ensures the most important connection to the films, while a number of human characters are given great depth by speaking to current social commentary, successfully synchronizing with all the horror fans love. It’s not just about cheap thrills, and a lot of it is a lot smarter than it seems.

Halloween’s Next Life could be on TV

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If television can work Chuckythe TV landscape seems to be prepared for the future Halloween. The film franchise has definitely taken the choose-your-own-adventure route, so there are a few places a TV series could go. The David Gordon Green Halloween Although the trilogy did well at the box office, at the end of Halloween endsIt seemed like another film with a bit of a hackneyed direction. Laurie Strode’s story is certainly over, but there are other residents of Haddonfield that could be explored.

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Fans have long wanted Danielle Harris to return to the franchise as Jamie Lloyd, and a TV show might be the best place to get to know this character if they decide to do a little reimagining Halloween 2018. For the Jamie Lloyd approach to work, the show would have to ignore the events of Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers since her character was killed in this film. JC Brandy has taken over the role in this project since Harris did not return. Therefore, its cancellation in favor of a new series should make its return a little smoother. Let’s catch up with them after the events of Halloween 5: Revenge of Michael Myers and find out what happened to her after the police shooting and how she’s doing now that she’s an adult.

Michael Myers’ point of view could be handled in a variety of ways in a television series. It could be The Shape as we know him as he stalks the residents of Haddonfield, as we may learn a little more about the town’s lore. The other direction, which is perhaps more controversial, is to play off what has been done Halloween ends and show how the evil contained within Michael Myers can be spread and explore how this evil has destroyed the city.

Another franchise that could benefit from a television broadcast is Hellraiser. There’s a deep mythology to this series that could work on episodic television, and it could succeed as an anthology series with plenty of stories that could be explored. The concepts of pain, pleasure and desire can also lead to more thought-provoking adult storylines that could look deep into the psyche of human nature.

The great thing about it Hellraiser is that there is the opportunity to explore different worlds. You can leave some of the action in the real world, but there is also the option to immerse yourself in The Lament Configuration, the world of hell in the puzzle box that is a hallmark of the franchise. 1988s Hellbound: Hellraiser II has given us a glimpse into this world before, but with improved effects and a longer narrative, The Lament Configuration could be a spooky place to expand into a TV series.

In a similar way Hellraiser can hop between worlds, A Nightmare on Elm Street can go from the real world and the dreamscape through an ongoing series. Even though we had that Anthology series Freddy’s nightmares From 1988 to 1990, Freddy Krueger was primarily used to introduce episodes.

A television series follows a new generation living in Springwood and how they are haunted by Krueger in their nightmares. There’s also the option to keep up with the old characters by bringing in Heather Langenkamp’s Nancy Thompson (with some dream warrior Retconning) or Alice Johnson by Lisa Wilcox.

You really have to please the fans

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The big point of contention with every sequel A Nightmare on Elm Street is who will play Freddy Krueger. Robert Englund has expressed that he is done with the franchise as he feels he is too old to play the character now, so fans will have to accept someone new in the role every week.

Englund has tapped Kevin Bacon to take on the role of the stuff of nightmares, and although Bacon is primarily a film actor, he has dabbled in television before Serial killer series The following. Whoever is chosen will need the full support of the fans.

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If the choice is to appear a little younger with a TV horror adaptation, The Lost Boys could be the right way. There were many attempts to make a television series happen, especially on The CW, but the writers couldn’t really find the right story. The final run made it to the pilot stage, but the network felt it needed more work and didn’t pick it up to series. That doesn’t mean it’s an adaptation that should be abandoned.

Since The CW will no longer be the network we once knew, perhaps they should be taken out of the equation and looked for a new home. Whether cable or streamer, the concept can still appeal to a younger audience, but it’s also a little darker. Similar to the film, take a seemingly normal family and introduce them to the world of Santa Carla and just let the lure of the vampire world sink in. There is a chance to immerse yourself in the story of Santa Carla while also coming to grips with how the pull of evil might affect someone who is slowly transforming into something with uncontrollable hunger while still retaining some of their humanity.

While most fans would love to see some of these franchises back on screen or remain in the film world, television could be the next step in keeping them all relevant. Other major horror franchises are taking this route with a TV series based on them The incantation in development and Friday the 13th is coming to Peacock via a prequel series. This direction can work really well (check out the five great seasons of). Bates Motel or the criminally underrated The Exorcist TV series) and it’s just another way to maintain horror’s supremacy in Hollywood.

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