Yellowstone Casts Matthew McConaughey In Spinoff Series

At least someone will show up for yellowstone. While the Paramount Network hit hits co-creator Taylor Sheridan and most of the series’ regulars— including lead actor Kevin Costner — were absent from Saturday’s PaleyFest panel, Matthew McConaughey will be saddled in an expansion of the franchise, says Chris McCarthy, president of ViacomCBS, our sister site The Hollywood Reporter. Additionally, the McConaughey vehicle will continue whether or not Costner returns to his role as John Dutton for the latter half of season five.

Yellowstone Recap Season 5 Episode 3 Horses in HeavenYou will recall that a behind-the-scenes argument with Costner over filming schedules surfaced in February, with the Oscar-winner reportedly wanting to limit himself to just a week’s work on the remaining eight episodes of the season. It was reported to be a “source of frustration” for Sheridan and allegedly “cause moral problems”. [Costner’s] co-stars.” His attorney later called the report “an outright lie.”

Filming has not yet started for the back half of season five, which was due to air this summer. There’s still no end date for the season, and McCarthy has no information on whether Costner will be riding as John again (whose murder was plotted by adopted son Jamie in the midseason finale). yellowstone “It wouldn’t be where it is today without Kevin,” says McCarthy, “and we hope it stays that way [the case] for a long time.”

What are you saying? Are you down for a yellowstone Spinoff with McConaughey at the helm?

X Yellowstone Casts Matthew McConaughey In Spinoff Series

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