Yellowstone Recap: Season 5 Episode 3 – “Tall Drink of Water”

yellowstone‘s Rip made not one, but two massive mistakes on Sunday’s “Tall Drink of Water.” Firstwhen Beth suggested that she and the bunkhouse boys go to a cowboy bar in Bozeman to celebrate Lloyd’s 70th birthday, her significant other said no, as if he had no idea she was using the word “I.” dare it” would translate. Second, when the gang arrived, he advised his wife to keep them in check while they were there, again as if there was even the remotest possibility that that would happen. How crazy did things get? Continue reading…

“IF MY DAY ENDS LIKE YOU STARTED, IT’S GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME” | As Tall Drink of Water began, flashbacks revealed that Yellowstone National Park’s imported Canadian wolves had been a problem for John and other ranchers for decades. (Didn’t quite give you that town hall meeting Jaw vibrations? All that was missing was Quint walking in and scratching his nails on a chalkboard.) In the present, agents from the Fish & Wildlife Service showed up at the ranch and ordered Rip to ride with them while they followed the wolves’ digital trail , unbeknownst to them, Colby and Ryan had killed. The agents seemed very suspicious, but in the end it seemed the secret would remain buried just like the endangered species that had been shot.

While Beth left for Salt Lake City to tie up “loose ends,” and John did the kind of navel-gazing he didn’t have the head for in the evenings — same, John, same — over at Kayce and Monica’s, the couple was doing Plans for her hapless son’s ministry to Rainwater and Mo. When Monica went in to get veggies and cut her hair during a meltdown, Kayce informed the chairman and his right-hand man, lest it be “the end of us,” he announced as Livestock Commissioner. “It’s not my way,” he said. His family is his way. Did Rainwater have any job offers in this case? no But Kayce could Have Jamie appoint you as an investigator for the Montana Department of Justice.

Yellowstone Recap Season 5 Episode 3 Tall Drink of Water“This will end careers if we don’t show a level of outrage” | Speaking of Jamie, he was visited by Sarah and Ellis, aka the Market Equities attorneys overseeing the firm’s lawsuit against the state. Undeterred, Jamie was at his best – he’s actually quite an accomplished lawyer, you have to admit. After Ellis angrily stormed out of the house and spilled coffee on Jamie’s secretary along the way, Sarah stayed where she was and began to work on Jamie. A little flattery here, a little bullshit there, and before she snuck off she had a dinner date with the attorney general. “You play outraged very well,” she snapped at Ellis as she rejoined him. Phase 1 of their plan could not have gone more smoothly. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Kayce got John’s approval to bury his grandson there and informed Dad that he was quitting as livestock commissioner.

At that very moment, Rainwater and Mo were lamenting how much they would miss having a livestock commissioner on their side. And that was just that beginning of the chairman’s not good, very bad day. A young politician drove him to disgruntled tribesmen outside the Gray Wolf Peak Casino, and inside Angela hung around only to snap at him that instead of the slave rules he was enforcing, “I’ll teach you the master rules, and this lesson won’t.” be pleasant.” Meaning? “I remove you.”

Yellowstone Recap Season 5 Episode 3 Tall Drink of Water“IT WAS AF—KING BLAST TO DO BUSINESS WITH YOU” | At Schwartz & Meyer, Beth offered Market Equities competitor Burson International a deal that was too good to be true: she ceded her majority stake in S&M, keeping only the properties she listed at Daddy’s request for relief. Although Burson’s rep rightly suspected there was a rattlesnake hidden in the agreement, Beth assured him, “I’m the rattlesnake … but you’re not the one I’m going to bite.” As soon as the deal made headlines, the lawsuit was filed by Market Equities closed and Caroline called back to New York. From what Ellis could see, it was checkmate – Beth had beaten her. No, Caroline said. There is no checkmate. “Find a way to ruin this family,” she told him, “start with her.” As for Sarah? She was free to play as dirty as she wanted.

to have good and right [bleeped] Caroline, Beth flew so high she took the Bunkhouse boys to the Crystal Bar in Bozeman to celebrate Lloyd’s Big Seven-Oh. (Or 58, as he kept pointing out.) At first, everyone had a good time. Ryan even bumped into Abby, the singer he’d just “roped down.” But then a drunk chick hit Rip, who pointed out that his wife was right over there staring at her. Stupidly, the woman walked up to Beth, and the next thing we knew, Beth had banged her beer bottle on the poacher’s head and the whole bar had erupted in a fisticuffs. When the episode was over, Sheriff Ramsey let all the thugs go… except for Beth, who couldn’t resist hitting the woman one more time. Rip warned that there would be a problem if the sheriff arrested the governor’s daughter, but the new sheriff wasn’t Haskell. Beth went down to the train station.

So what do you think of the episode? Jamie doesn’t stand a chance against Sarah, does he? Could This Small Assault Case Be The Weapon Market Equities Takes Out Beth? Click on the comments. Yellowstone Recap: Season 5 Episode 3 – “Tall Drink of Water”

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