Zachary Levi destroys “Shazam! 2′ critic, but his co-star is one of them

zachary levi shazam fury of the gods

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Since Shazam! wrath of the gods Star Zachary Levi, who opened with a thump at the box office to kickstart a run that will set numerous unwanted records for the DCU, seems hell-bent on sabotaging his own career.

Whether he’s publicly denouncing the SnyderVerse and its dedicated supporters (but not Zack Snyder himself, to be clear), eyeing Dwayne Johnson sideways at every opportunity, berating the Warner Bros. marketing department for making the superhero sequel didn’t promote it enough, or even blame Kevin Feige for making false promises about his run in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was quite an impressive sight.

However, things took an unintentionally hilarious turn when Levi appeared at last night’s Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, where he was grilled over the shortcomings of his recent absolute disaster. After explaining that he thinks “Shazam! wrath of the gods is objectively actually a better film than the first film” — not without admitting “a lot of people don’t think so” — the actor was asked what he would say to the film’s critics, and he responded with a succinct “f*ck them Guys.”

As it turned out, however, one of the most devious critics was none other than co-star Asher Angel after it was discovered he liked a tweet that shattered Levi’s over-the-top childish performance as the overpowered version of Billy Batson.

They really couldn’t make up for it at the time, but we’re still excited to see how the Zachary Levi Self-Sabotage Tour 2023 will go, especially as it seems increasingly unlikely that his close personal friends James Gunn and Peter Safran will be in the Be able to justify his inclusion in the DCU going forward. Zachary Levi destroys “Shazam! 2′ critic, but his co-star is one of them

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